Editorial Policy

Current guidelines for Wonderful Copenhagen’s international tourist-directed communication on web and social media under the VisitCopenhagen brand.

VisitCopenhagen - a brand under Wonderful Copenhagen

VisitCopenhagen.com and the connected social media channels under the same brand are owned and run by Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourist organization in the Copenhagen region. All content on VisitCopenhagen and its social media channels is editorial, chosen and written by our editorial staff and not for sale. We are an editorial office that primarily aims to fulfil the travellers’ needs for the benefit of the destination. 


How we choose our stories

The editorial line is the same on all our channels and aims to ensure a consistent, realistic and appealing portrayal of Copenhagen and internationally relevant stories about Zealand and the southern part of Sweden. We create this by focusing on stories that fit into one or several of our five strategic narratives or themes: Green liveability, gastronomy, art & design, modern architecture and history & monarchy. 

Besides matching at least one of these themes, our stories must be about experiences that are accessible to potential visitors to our destination. Sometimes the good story lies within the well-known and has a broad appeal. In other cases, we chase the small, local and quirky story more off the beaten track. Together our coverage of the destination and its offerings help create an image of the destination in line with the Wonderful Copenhagen strategy for 2020

We communicate a sample of the best, funniest and most interesting experiences Copenhagen has to offer. It is subjective and changes continuously, but we believe we are among the best to make the decisions. Our decisions are based on personal first-hand experiences, visits, reviews and other media’s coverage, as well as sparring with our colleagues and Copenhagen Visitor Service.


Editorial freedom and independence

VisitCopenhagen is run on a principle about editorial freedom. This means that we choose which stories to tell across the VisitCopenhagen channels. Our destination offers a wide and diverse range of experiences and we firmly believe that “less is more” and that communicating it all would only spawn more confusion and a sense of information overload among our users. That is why we prioritise.


Paid content

On very few sections on VisitCopenhagen.com and .dk, you will find paid content. It will always be very clear when this is the case.


Replies on inquiries

We reserve the right to moderate and delete comments on our social media if common good etiquette and the media’s guidelines are not respected. On our social media, we try to answer all inquiries from people who need help with solving a problem or answering a question – but often our community beats us to it. We try to involve all actors in the destination that have the most relevant knowledge about a given product or experience if our knowledge is not sufficient. That includes both social media and web, where we will link to other actors that will fulfil the needs of the users more satisfying than us.

Everybody can write to our editorial staff at info@visitcopnhagen.com. You will receive an auto-reply to confirm that your mail has been received. From here, we will return to you directly if we choose to follow up on a tip or a desire to be mentioned on our site.


Promoting events

Generally, we mention the large and annual events at our destination, such as festivals. We mention far from all events in the city