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Bike routes in Copenhagen

Foto: Terry Mclaughlin

You should already know that Copenhagen is a city best experienced by bike. But what exactly should you see and do once in the saddle? We got you covered with these suggestions for bike routes that will guide you all over the city.

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Cykelruten til BIGs mesterværker

Oplev noget af Københavns mest omtalte nyere arkitektur på denn 22 kilometers rute, som tager dig i fodsporene på Bjarke Ingels og hans præg på byen.

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Tour de France Grand Depart 2022
Foto: Daniel Rasmussen

Utforska Tour de France-rutten i Köpenhamn

Se rutten för Tour de France Grand Départ och bli inspirerad att hoppa upp på sadeln själv. Rutten tar världens bästa cyklister (och dig) förbi några fantastiska sevärdheter här i världens bästa cykelstad.

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Foto: Simon Bang


Den ultimative gåtur i København finder du langs havnens kant, hvor stier, fortove og broer danner den 13 kilometer lange gang- og cykelrute, Havneringen

Grib fat i dine bedste sko og lad dagens udfl...

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Foto: © Thomas Dambo - Foto: Martin Heiberg

The Six Forgotten Giants bike route

Grab a bike and go hunting for the six wooden giants lurking in the woods of Copenhagen’s suburbs. The 31-kilometre long route will guide you through a wide variety of danish scenery and double as your workout for the day. 

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beCopenhagen guidede arkitektur-ture
Foto: beCopenhagen, PR

beCopenhagen guidede arkitektur-ture

beCopenhagen guidede cykelture og cykeludlejning

beCopenhagen ligger centralt, tæt ved Strøget, og de fleste ture starter og slutter her. Her kan du også leje Winter kvalitetscykler, Christiania ladc...

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Foto: Frida Gregersen

Nordhavn Art route

Nature is hiding everywhere in the city. In little cracks in the sidewalk, on the stones along the water and along the edge of the stretches of road that we usually just whiz through. It’s this easily overlooked nature and its many colours and shapes that a new Art route in Nordhavn has decided to focus on. At the same time, the route encourages discovery through Nordhavn’s diverse areas and ends at the Nordhavstippen nature area.

Tag på cykeltur i Valby og Sydhavnen
Foto: Erik Refner

Explore Valby & Sydhavnen

Welcome to Valby & Sydhavnen - two diverse neighborhoods with strong identities. All routes are child-friendly and suitable for all ages. 

Chief1 cykler Amager tyndt
Foto: Erik Refner

Explore Amager

Welcome to Amager - the island that connects Copenhagen to the rest of the world. With many bike paths in beautiful surroundings, Amager is perfectly toured by bike. Amager is beautiful, diverse, and full of contrasts - and just a bicycle bridge away from central Copenhagen.

Explore Østerbro & Nordhavn

Welcome to Østerbro & Nordhavn - neighborhoods where old meets new and classic meets contemporary. Neighborhoods with strong global connections: international schools, embassies, and a large container port.

Looking for more routes?

Check out Cycling in Copenhagen. A cycling platform run by firebrand Martin. He has created a platform filled with opportunities of life-enriching experiences on a bike, and he shares it for free with fellow bike- and outdoor-lovers.

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